Sad news

February 25th 2020 will always be a sad day for the AI community, the AIG Group and for this site. Steve Lewis passed away at home after a long fight with cancer. He was surrounded by his family.

Steve Lewis was mostly known for his flightplans from AIG, a gifted AFCAD designer, a highly respected member of various sites and forums and for just being a great person to talk to!

Some might wonder what Steve had to do with and I can eassily understand it. But he was the person who uploaded all the paints by Paco. Paco sent the paints sto Steve, who then packed and uploaded them to this site. I’m still deeply impressed how Steve managed to do that, but he did and it was almost every time a good release.

For the time being, the background of this site have been turned black to commemorate Steve. Other things will be added when I’ve made something that looks good, but is not too much.

May he rest in peace.

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