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We are slowly getting through the nightmarish transition from one host to another. Many thing could have gone better, but I’ve learned a lot from this!

The only major downside to this is that I had to abandon the download plugin I used. Many of you will notice a [wpdm_package id= and then a number]. Those were used for the old plugin. Therefore the files are not really downloadable right now. But actually they are. You just need the filenames or part of the filenames for them. I’ve therefore added a smart thing below. A searchable list of all the zip-files on my website!

The best and easiest to do, if you need a certain repaint is to open the AIG plan you are about to install.
Then find the aifp.cfg file. In there you’ll find the filename for the repaint you want. Copy the filename and put it into the search below and the file will show up. Then you can download it manually.

I.e. if you search for it will show up in the list below and you just press the link and it will download.

If you just want most of the i.e. AIG A330 repaints that has been released here, search for “AIG_Airbus” and you will get all of Dennis paints.
You can also search for the ICAO codes for the airline you are looking for, i.e. GRL or ANZ (or maybe just NZ) to get more.

Please note that you need to copy the URL and insert it into your browser, as the new table-plugin, doesn’t allow the usual clickable URL’s.

Sad news

February 25th 2020 will always be a sad day for the AI community, the AIG Group and for this site. Steve Lewis passed away at home after a long fight with cancer. He was surrounded by his family.

Steve Lewis was mostly known for his flightplans from AIG, a gifted AFCAD designer, a highly respected member of various sites and forums and for just being a great person to talk to!

Some might wonder what Steve had to do with and I can eassily understand it. But he was the person who uploaded all the paints by Paco. Paco sent the paints sto Steve, who then packed and uploaded them to this site. I’m still deeply impressed how Steve managed to do that, but he did and it was almost every time a good release.

For the time being, the background of this site have been turned black to commemorate Steve. Other things will be added when I’ve made something that looks good, but is not too much.

May he rest in peace.

Sad development!

Last night I found that some of my paints have been used by other painters to be released without my acceptance.

It’s sadly something that happens a lot of time, almost every week now. This includes use of my paints in both various AI packages that don’t acknowledge the people making the paints, nor do they even care about adding the names of the painters in the readme file or anywhere else in the packages.

All this just because many flightsim users want to get great AI that can easily be installed.

But that’s not how it works. All the work made available on this site, on other sites and on avsim are copyrighted to the painters that have made them. They can’t just be taken and added to a package and released without the acceptance of the original authors.

Some people though are even worse. They download a paint, modifies it a bit, and releases it to the public on i.e. Facebook, without any acknowledgement from the original author.

It’s reasons like these that really make me think if it’s worth making repaints for free. Or if it’s best to simply close the site and only paint for my own use and not for anyone else!

Please respect the copyright!

Money is not a reason…

It’s not often that I write a personal post here. Actually it’s more than 2 years since the last text-only post appeared on this site. But I think it’s about time to do one looking at a phenomena that have appeared in the last couple of weeks.

The reason is that over the last few weeks I’ve got several requests from users, asking if it’s possible to make custom repaints, repaints for virtual airlines etc. All of them will pay for it.

Every time I refuse. Of course money is a good thing. But it’s not about the money. But about time, interest and that this is a freeware page where money is not a part.

Working full time (actually a bit more every week) is really taking it’s toe on my motivation to repaint anything. I do what I want to do, and that’s it!
I’ll finish the paint when I think it’s ready. Often I have to let a repaint lay around on my computer for weeks or even months, simply because I don’t have the time to do the repaints 24/7/365.

Interest and freeware.
I want to paint repaints for AI planes. And they have to be freeware. I don’t want money to be a part of it. I want the repaints to be free (with limitations) and without any money involved. Of course it could be nice to get money for it, but that’s not my interest. I want to do what I want, when I want.

So all of you asking if it’s possible to get a repaint made for money… I’m not the one to ask. I do repaints because I like it, and find it as a good way top spend my very limited spare time. And I’ve found that the best way for me is to make repaints for the AI community. I’m not interested in making custom repaints and that don’t interest me at all. I’ve done a few fictitious repaints based on old airline liveries, but that’s about it. Beside those very few repaints I’m only making repaints for AI planes, where the livery will be one that is flying in the real world.

I know that a few years ago there were painters out there making custom repaints and asking for money to do it. But today most of them are gone and that might be the reason why people have started asking painters like me if it’s possible to make repaints for money. And the answer from me is “Sorry, but no!”.



I’m very proud! SAS uses my repaints in report!

Just got a message from one of my friends that helped me making the SAS fleet.

He included a link to the “Year-end report November 2012 ‐ October 2013” from SAS and said that some of my paints had been used to show the fleet they have at the moment:

I’m very proud now, and this is really a HUGE recognition and appreciation of the work I made! That the real airline decides to use my paints to show their fleet is really something I had never dreamed of or hoped would happen.

This is also an appreciation to the whole AI community. The modellers and the repainters. Without them, this would never have happened!
Thanks to Erez for the fantastic Boeing 737 Classic, Boeing 737NG and the A32X series. Thanks to TFS for their fantastic A330 and A430 models and to Garry for his amazing CRJ-900.

But the biggest thank you goes to those who made the SAS release possible. Especially Joakim and Dennis, but also Kristian, Nils and Mariano!

Welcome Jon

A new painter have seen the light of the day here at this website.

Jon Hanf have accepted to become a member of this little site.

He is known for his GoAir and Juneyao Airlines repaints at avsim.

Now he have taken the task to make the Virgin Atlantic A320-200, which will be available soon here on this site!

So give a warm welcome to him!

Welcome to…

I’m excited and delighted to tell you that there are two new repainters on the site.

Joshua Dean, known for many great flightplans for AIG, have accepted my invitation to join me on this site as a repainter.

Joshua have, together with Robert Williams, been working on several repaints, including a complete set of the different SpiceJet paints for the FAIB B737-800 and -900. The first paints aren’t publicly available yet, but when time’s ready, they’ll be released.

I’m also happy to announce that Dennis Desezar, also a flightplanner at AIG, have accepted to join the site here as a repainter. His first works will be a repaint of a SAS ATR 72-200 and some Bluebird Cargo repaints.

I hope you’ll give both a warm welcome to this site!

SAS FAIB A32X FS9 repaint problems

I’ve received a few mails mentioning an error on the SAS A320 and A321 repaints for the new FAIB model. The errors are for the FS9 repaints only.

I have already updated the files (filename is the same), so if you get a strange looking plane (middle section of the A320 missing, or parts of the A321 engines), then download the files again and replace the old ones.