I’m very proud! SAS uses my repaints in report!

Just got a message from one of my friends that helped me making the SAS fleet.

He included a link to the “Year-end report November 2012 ‐ October 2013” from SAS and said that some of my paints had been used to show the fleet they have at the moment:

I’m very proud now, and this is really a HUGE recognition and appreciation of the work I made! That the real airline decides to use my paints to show their fleet is really something I had never dreamed of or hoped would happen.

This is also an appreciation to the whole AI community. The modellers and the repainters. Without them, this would never have happened!
Thanks to Erez for the fantastic Boeing 737 Classic, Boeing 737NG and the A32X series. Thanks to TFS for their fantastic A330 and A430 models and to Garry for his amazing CRJ-900.

But the biggest thank you goes to those who made the SAS release possible. Especially Joakim and Dennis, but also Kristian, Nils and Mariano!

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