Winair ATR 42-500 Fleet

Winair paint for the OSP ATR 42-500 base model.

These are textures only. The OSP ATR 42-500 base model is required.
It can be found at, as well as, OSP ATR 42

note: Files have been updated to include the Fleet

Download FS9

Download FSX

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  1. Hello

    The v2 download links as posted do not work

    note: removing the v2 from the download links does allow downloading the ATR42-500

    but do not know if the files are v1 or v2

    I have not seen version 1 paints of these Winair ATR42-500 paints

    perhaps there isn’t a version 2, since “v1” isn’t in the “smart thing” search list

    – also, in the past, newer files were named with v2, v3, etc

    – the names of the files I downloaded are
    Winair ATR 42-500
    Winair ATR 42-500

    Thanks, Curt

  2. Hello,

    My apologies

    I copied the wrong info in the description box

    This only v1 of this file as I just recently uploaded it

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