Silver Airways ATR 72-600 Fleet

Silver Airways paint for the OSP ATR 72-500 base model.

These are textures only. The OSP ATR 72-500 base model is required.
It can be found at, or at
as well as, OSP ATR 72 or OSP for FSX/P3D.

note: Files have been updated with current fleet version 2

Silver Airways ATR 72-600 Fleet FS9 v2

Silver Airways ATR 72-600 Fleet FSX v2

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  1. Hi Gideon,

    Would it be OK if I use your Silver Airways ATR textures and repurpose them for Traffic Global in X Plane?

    I’d give you full credit, of course.

    Love the PNS Blue Wahoo livery too, could I re-purpose that for a full model in X Plane also.



  2. Thank you for the Silver Airways paints

    you might wish to know that in the ATR72 aircraft.cfg text

    ‘texture=SIL/N937SV’ should be ‘texture=SIL/N937AZ

    ‘atc_id=N937SV’ should be ‘atc_id=N937AZ’

    * * The texture folder name is okay as ‘N937AZ’

    Have an excellent day

    • The atc_id= doesn’t have any impact on the AI traffic. It’s a line that FSX/P3D uses for User controlled planes that shows the registration on the plane. Many default planes does that, and that’s where the atc_id= is important, if you want the registration on the plane you are flying. But for AI it doesn’t have any importance at all, because the AI models don’t have the option to show registrations (except those painted on the paint).

      So it’s not really a mistake. Sure it looks good that they are identical, but in reality there is no real use of the line, as long as we talk AI planes.

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