Satena Embraer 170

Satena paint for the RFSL E170 base model.

These are textures only. The RFSL E170 base model is required.
It can be found at Revision 1 for FS9 and Revision 3 for FSX/P3D

Note: This aircraft is no longer in service but I’ll leave the file up for those who might still want it in their sim.

Download FS9

Download FSX

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  1. Dear Gideon,

    The FSX texture cannot be seen within Sim.
    Which model have you used ? As in aircraft.cfg the model entry is blank.

    • Hello Sotiris

      I just used the original model.
      Since the E170 only has old winglets, I did not include it in the aircraft.cfg “model=” line

  2. Gideon,

    Texture name is, which means that none of the three available models provided by RFS gives the expected proper appearance within FSX (OW, OW_Lite, OW_rev3).
    Even if renamed to the problem remains.
    I wonder which model/texture combination you have used with success.

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