Republic Airways Embraer 190

2 years ago I made a repaint for Republic Airways Embraer 190. It was released at AVSIM.

Today I got an email saying there was a problem with the alpha channel. I’ve fixed that now. The file at AVSIM has now been removed and the fixed file have been reuploaded here exclusively. The file is still FS9 format. I might make a FSX at some point, but sadly I’ve lost the Photoshop file I used. So I’m not able to do anything there.

Republic Airways Embraer 190 for the AIA Embraer 179 base model.

These are FS9 textures only. The AIA Embraer 190 base model is required.
It can be found at AVSIM. Search for

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    • Hey Brian.

      I don’t have the PSD-file anymore. So chances that I’ll revisit it is close to zero.

      Sorry, but I hope it’s okay 🙂

      • I’ll post it in the repaint section to see if anyone wants to tackle it. Looks much better in the finished livery.

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