Privilege Style Boeing 777-200ER FSPainter

Privilege Style Boeing 777-200ER for the FSPainter Boeing 777-200 RR base model.

These are FSX textures only. The FSPainter Boeing 777-200 RR base model is required.
It can be bought at

[wpdm_package id=’7794′]

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    • Sorry to hear that, but we paint on the models we want to paint on. As a user of FSPX models I’m not planning to paint on TFS anymore.

      There is a TFS paint online (although it’s using PW and not RR engines): at

  1. I would love to know what have the best FSPXai models? !! I tried them and they disappointed me a lot! In fact I’m redoing all the TFS paint kits in HD so I can fly with all the planes I want without having to depend on those who have ruined our wonderful hobby with money.

  2. It is not nice to delete a comment, even if you do not like it, you must respect the freedom of thought of others. The important thing is to maintain education and fairness.

    • First of all I didn’t remove the comment! I have to approve every comment before they appear on the site! And I haven’t been on the site until now (more than a day later)! You know, busy in real life.

      I would NEVER remove a comment unless it’s uses words that should not be allowed on here (I guess you know which ones it might be). I have always been very polite and I do accept a lot of things. There is a reason why I’m highly respected at AIG because of my way to talk to people. I’m usually getting along people very well and have never been criticized because of what I write. And if it wasn’t that way I think this site would not have been as long living as it is.

      But you have to accept that every painter paints on the model he wants to paint on. And I paint on the FSPX models, because I like them and I don’t have any problems with them. I did use the TFS model for years and was very happy with them, but I find the FSPX model better both visually and on performance, so I have been painting for that model for a few years now instead of TFS.

      • I fully agree with you that everyone draws his textures where he wants, using the Paint Kit he wants and for the models he wants.
        Until now we all agree. The problem arises when those who do not want to buy for a fee the main models on the market are found more and more without texture for their old models FREE (see TFS case against FSPXAI). In fact, if you think about it with reason, you have to admit that today all the most interesting news about AI traffic can only be found for FSPXAI models and stop! So those who do not want to buy from Simmarket will never have updated AI traffic again. This is the real problem: if you remember a few years after the release of Microsoft’s FSX appeared a lot of websites that gave models, paint kits and textures for FREE (examples: TFS, PROJECT AIRBUS, UTT, AI AARDWARK, FLYING CARPET etc.) . AVISIM and FLIGHTSIM.COM were the stores of all these passionate designers and model designers. Everything was covered and everything was free, because EVERYONE considered their commitment and their great job as a real hobby! Try now to compare the situation of that time with that of today: EVERYTHING IS BECOMING A PAYMENT, NO ONE, EXCEPT AS LONG AS THE UNDERSIGNED, WORKING AGAIN FOR FREE FOR THE COMMUNITY. This is disgusting! Money and thirst for profit have ruined everything.

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