South African Airways A340-300 Olympic 2012

South African Airways Airbus A340-300 Olympic 2012 livery for the TFS A340-300 base model.

These are textures only. The TFS A340-300 base model is required.
It can be found at Search for

Thanks to Garry Lewis for painting this one. He used parts of my South African Airways livery, which I way I link to Philippes website where the paint have been released. All mistakes and errors must be reported to Garry. I don’t have anything to do with this file, but just wanted to keep the SAA fleet complete here on the site.

La Compagnie Flightplans Summer 2014

La Compagnie Flightplans Summer 2014 by Johan Clausen.

Repaint needed for this plan can be found on JB’s site. Read the included repaints.txt to get the right file.

You can use ttools, AIFP or any other flightplan compiler that reads the 3 txt-files, to install these plans. But remember to change the aircraft speed to 200 if you are not using AIFP.

More flightplans will be released soon!

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