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We are slowly getting through the nightmarish transition from one host to another. Many thing could have gone better, but I’ve learned a lot from this!

The only major downside to this is that I had to abandon the download plugin I used. Many of you will notice a [wpdm_package id= and then a number]. Those were used for the old plugin. Therefore the files are not really downloadable right now. But actually they are. You just need the filenames or part of the filenames for them. I’ve therefore added a smart thing below. A searchable list of all the zip-files on my website!

The best and easiest to do, if you need a certain repaint is to open the AIG plan you are about to install.
Then find the aifp.cfg file. In there you’ll find the filename for the repaint you want. Copy the filename and put it into the search below and the file will show up. Then you can download it manually.

I.e. if you search for it will show up in the list below and you just press the link and it will download.

If you just want most of the i.e. AIG A330 repaints that has been released here, search for “AIG_Airbus” and you will get all of Dennis paints.
You can also search for the ICAO codes for the airline you are looking for, i.e. GRL or ANZ (or maybe just NZ) to get more.

Please note that you need to copy the URL and insert it into your browser, as the new table-plugin, doesn’t allow the usual clickable URL’s.

Chickasaw Nation Dassault Falcon 2000S N600CN

Chickasaw Nation Dassault Falcon 2000S N600CN for the RFAI model

These are textures only.

Base files for the RFAI Falcon 2000 can be found at
And the model updates can be found at
Flightplans available here:

Purdue University Hawker 900XP N901MJ

Purdue University Hawker 900XP N901MJ for the HTAI model.

These are textures only.

The HTAI BAe HS.125-800 model is required.
It can be found at
The converted P3Dv4 model can be found here:
Flightplans available here: