Welcome to…

I’m excited and delighted to tell you that there are two new repainters on the site.

Joshua Dean, known for many great flightplans for AIG, have accepted my invitation to join me on this site as a repainter.

Joshua have, together with Robert Williams, been working on several repaints, including a complete set of the different SpiceJet paints for the FAIB B737-800 and -900. The first paints aren’t publicly available yet, but when time’s ready, they’ll be released.

I’m also happy to announce that Dennis Desezar, also a flightplanner at AIG, have accepted to join the site here as a repainter. His first works will be a repaint of a SAS ATR 72-200 and some Bluebird Cargo repaints.

I hope you’ll give both a warm welcome to this site!

SAS FAIB A32X FS9 repaint problems

I’ve received a few mails mentioning an error on the SAS A320 and A321 repaints for the new FAIB model. The errors are for the FS9 repaints only.

I have already updated the files (filename is the same), so if you get a strange looking plane (middle section of the A320 missing, or parts of the A321 engines), then download the files again and replace the old ones.

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