MNG Airlines cargo Airbus A330-200F FSPainter FSX / P3D

MASkargo Airbus A330-200F FSX for the FSPainter A330-200F PW base model.

These are FSX textures only. The FSPainter A330-200F PW base model is required.
It can be bought at

[wpdm_package id=’6770′]

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  1. Hello Dennis

    Same old issue with the wing-fuse fairing color not matching the rest. You might want to check your PK before any other repaints, all your A330s seem to suffer from this.

    You can see in this bird how the blue on the central portion of the belly pan does not match the rest. There is probably a problem with a shading layer. It might have been duplicated on itself, or maybe the layer properties are off.

    Also note some blue paint made it onto the flaps.

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