GE Propulsion Testbed Boeing 747-400

GE Propulsion Testbed Boeing 747-400 for the AIA Boeing 747-400D base model.

These are textures only. The AIA Boeing 747-400D base model is required.
It can be found at Search for

Please note that you have to use the 747-400D model. This is because GE have removed the winglets from the plane. The plane was build with winglets, but now it’s flying around without winglets. But since this has not been made as an AI model, you have to use the closest, the 747-400D model.

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    • Steve Lewis will make it soonish. He’ll post it at the AIG forum.

      But if you want, you can make some static flightplans at Victorville. From what I’ve read from Steve, the plane haven’t flown for some time.

    • The paint? It’s not my paint. It’s Paco and I have an agreement with him that his paints are released on this site. So no avsim. Maybe later, but currently not.

      The problem is that the plane aren’t flying a lot. So flightplans are not easy to make.

      Steve will upload it to the AIG forum, and maybe also to AVSIM (or here), but I don’t know about that yet.

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