Chevron Gulfstream G550

Chevron Gulfstream G550 for the converted P3DV4 HTAI model.

These are textures only.

The HTAI Gulfstream G-V model is required.
It can be found at
The converted P3Dv4 model can be found here:
Flightplans available here:

EDIT 28 APR 2020: paint updated based on latest paintkit

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    • No. It’s not closed. But a friendly person told the owner of the site that the flightplans could contain classified flights. So he advised the owner, Eric, to close the site and make it invite only.

      You have to go to the AIG forum and in the GA forum, there is a topic called “Eric’s Summer 2019 GA Flightplans”. Write a PM to Eric and ask for permission to get on the site. Then you should be able to get the plans on the site.

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