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  1. hi Dennis

    regarding the ICAO code used in your Ascend Airways paint aircraft.cfg entry

    you may want to check into it

    the information that I have is below

    Ascend Airways B737-800w G-HODL all white

    Ascend Airways is part of Avia Solutions Group
    UK ACMI airline Ascend Airways
    G-HODL formerly KlasJet LY-BUS

    UK’s Synergy Aviation rebrands as Ascend Airways
    Synergy Aviation Ltd (Fairoaks) has rebranded as Ascend Airways

    IATA ICAO name callsign country
    — SYG Synergy Aviation SYNERGY United Kingdom


    atc_parking_codes=SGY ????

    IATA ICAO name callsign country

    N5 SGY Skagway Air Service SKAGWAY AIR United States


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