Air New Zealand Airbus A320-200neo

Air New Zealand Airbus A320-200neo for the FAIB A320-200neo base model.

These are FSX/P3D textures only. The FAIB A320-200neo base model is required.
It can be found at


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  1. Downloaded this and also the two textures for the A321 but they dont show up. Aircract is partially visible ie parts show up but no fuselage or tail etc etc. Any ideas

    • I guess you are using P3Dv4? If yes, then it sounds like you have the FS9 model installed instead of the FSX model. This is exactly what FS9 planes in P3Dv4 looks like. So try to check if you are using the FS9 model.

      • Hi. Using FSX and FAIB FSX Model. When I add texture only get partial visibility ie wings, undercarriage,tail and parts of the fuselage. Everything else is transparent. Had same problem with Qantas 737 initially but was ok when using mipped texture folder. Totally stumped ?

        • I have no idea what can be wrong. I tried the paint before it was made to PBR and it worked fine in P3D (using the FSX model at that time), so for me it worked just fine.

    • Will have a look at it at some point. But right now I’m not in the mood to change it. The engine looks somewhat the same so for me it’s not that important to fix it straight away. I will fix it at some though.

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