Aeronautica Militare Italiana Airbus A319CJ FS9 Version 3

Aeronautica Militare Italiana Air Force Airbus A319-100 FS9 for the FAIB A319-100 CFM FS9 base model.

These are FS9 textures only. The FAIB A319-100 CFM FS9 base model are required.
It can be found at

Version 2: Updates the Alpha Channel on 2 of the 3 textures.
Version 3: Updates the Alpha Channel once again. All Alpha Channel related errors should be fixed now.

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  1. Hi over there… I downloaded and installed these files last night, but the problem is still there… The first aircraft is properly visible on the FS menu, but the others two look really weird, mostly invisible with the exception of the tail… Could you please upload new files with fixed alpha channels??? Thanks in advance…

    • Sorry for the very late reply. Time have been very limited in the last couple of weeks.

      It sounds like you are using the FS9 texture on a FSX model or reversed.

      When I check the paint in Model Converter X and in FS there is no problem at all.

      • Hello, thanks for your reply…
        Let me confirm you, I am an user of FS9, and I am looking for FS9 textures to update my AI traffic… I don´t even have installed FSX on my PC… I am switching from DJC, AIA or PAI models to FAIB… After I install a new set of textures on a model, I set that model visible on the FS menu to check textures, models and everything. So far, this aircraft is the only one that can not be set properly on FS, for some reason… There is something wrong with that Alpha Channel, but I don´t have any expertise to work on that… Try to check again if you can for that bug and try to solve it… Thanks in advance,,,
        Mike, BOG/SKBO

        • Problem is that I can’t see the error and no one else have complained about it. ‘I’ll have a look later today.

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