ADE – Selector for Urmel’s enhanced AFCAD’s

Urmel’s ADE-Selector makes it more easy to switch between different Urmel’s enhanced ADE’s for one Airport.

For some Airport’s it is necessary to switch sometimes ADE files, to get them working correctly in Prepar3dv4.
Some of my enhanced ADE’s will be available for this ADE-Selector.

Special enhanced ADE’s for the ADE-Selector: ADE-Selector Airport’s

Many Thanks to the guys from 29Palms, they provided us this great tool for free!
Visit them, they have fantastic airport’s: 29Palms Homepage

Current Version: V1.04

More info and support for this ADE-Selector at the AIG Forum:
Urmel’s AFCAD’S for Payware Airports (Prepar3d v4)

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  1. Hey Urmel-Thank you so much for this great tool and also to 29Palms.
    Question. If I have the tool installed on say C: drive. I extract all of the download file to the scenery file and the tool is added to the scenic library….I may have screwed up and also extracted the files to PANC or EDDF. Do I need to remove and set the off back to bgl’s or what.

    Sorry…I guess if they are installed in the does the automatic settings?
    Thank you Urmel!!!
    Bob M. aka unc1rlm at AIG

  2. urmel

    thanks to you & 29Palms for a magnificent idea / feature / tool.

    one day soon i hope someone can take it further and with the help of a SODE like tool, change the afacd “in flight” to suit time of day & weather factors.

    imagine arriving KSAN in light winds to use R27 after the fog (ILS 09 used) has lifted earlier than the TAF forecast.


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