West Atlantic Boeing 767-200F FSX

West Atlantic Boeing 767-200F FSX repaint for the AIM Boeing 767-200 base model.

These are FSX textures only. The AIM Boeing 767-200 model is required.
It can be found at AVSIM. Search for aim_b767_200.zip.

[wpdm_package id=’2677′]

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  1. I’m trying to track down the proper model for this AIM aircraft. I don’t think the model that is included with the aircraft is correct. Is your’s tested and working properly

    • I just selected one of the models for the paint to use. There are so many models included and I think most people just want the repaint to be flying and then they don’t look at the model, to check if the model for the paint is 100% correct (regarding the antennas which is the main difference of the different models for each model type, GE, GEH and PW).

      The paint worked on the model I just tested (which is the GEH-E model). Haven’t had the time to test on the rest of the GEH models.

  2. It was my fault completely. For some reason when I downloaded the file again, the texture that I had installed was not correct. It works now, thanks for your quick reply

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