Sad development!

Last night I found that some of my paints have been used by other painters to be released without my acceptance.

It’s sadly something that happens a lot of time, almost every week now. This includes use of my paints in both various AI packages that don’t acknowledge the people making the paints, nor do they even care about adding the names of the painters in the readme file or anywhere else in the packages.

All this just because many flightsim users want to get great AI that can easily be installed.

But that’s not how it works. All the work made available on this site, on other sites and on avsim are copyrighted to the painters that have made them. They can’t just be taken and added to a package and released without the acceptance of the original authors.

Some people though are even worse. They download a paint, modifies it a bit, and releases it to the public on i.e. Facebook, without any acknowledgement from the original author.

It’s reasons like these that really make me think if it’s worth making repaints for free. Or if it’s best to simply close the site and only paint for my own use and not for anyone else!

Please respect the copyright!