FedEx ATR 72-212(F) US Registrations FSX/P3D paint

FedEx US registered Aerospatiale ATR 72-210 HD textures for the OSP ATR 72-210 base model.

These are FSX/P3D textures only. The OSP ATR 72-210 base model is required.
It can be found at Search for:

Converted models for P3Dv4 can be found here:

New version uploaded on 24 Feb 2019:
Updates N821FX paint and adds N819FX to give a bit more variation to choose from when installing plans using these planes.

FedEx MD-11F FSX

FedEx MD-11F FSX repaints for the FSPainter MD-11 FSX base models.

Included are both GE and PW paints.

These are only textures. The FSPainter MD-11 FSX base models is required.
It can be found at AVSIM. Search for

FS9 paints are not forgotten. I just haven’t had time to make them yet!


FedEx MD-11F FSX

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Version 2 includes the correct lightmaps.