Japan Airlines Boeing 777-200 FSX / P3D

This is a repaint of the Japan Airlines 777-200 fleet. These are the domestic versions of the 777-200. Included are the standard Japan Air paint, Japan Air 2020 Tokyo Olympics Partner Airline Logojet, OneWorld Logojet and Biodiversity Logojet. In order to use these paints you must purchase the FSPXAI Boeing 777 AI Traffic Model. This product can be purchased at simMarket

****UPDATE**** Package updated to include new Samurai Blue 2018 logojet

Sky Airline Airbus A319 and A320 FSX / P3D

These are repaints for Sky Airlines A319s and A320s for the FAIB Airbus series of models. Included in the package are an Old Color A319, New Color A319 and 2 New Color A320s. In order to use these paints you must download and install the A319 and A320 base pack files from FAIB. You can find those files at FAIB Branch of Manufacturing

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