• It is, because I changed server and the download link didn’t followed.

      The best to do is to go to the front page. In the post at the top “Links to all files” there is a list of filenames. Just above those filenames there is a search bar. Search for “ICE” and the FAIB 767-300W link will appear. You might have to change the number of entries showsn from 10 to i.e. 50, as the file in question is the 3rd last on the list.

      Press the filename and you will have the file downloading.

  1. Hi jcai.dk. Please post the URL where to go, I am not able to find the file. Thank you, regards Micha

    • Search for ICE in the search box below the post “Links to all files”.

      Then go to where it says “Show 10 Entries” and make change the number to 50. Then 3rd last you’ll find the link.

    • Not that search bar, but the one a bit down the page. Where it says: “Show 10 Entries” and just to the right there is a Search:__________
      That’s the one to use. Not the search box on the right side of the page.

  2. Can you tell me where the dL is as it is not below the AC repaint as useall ?
    I am looking for the 767-300ER WL

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