Royal Danish Air Force Challenger CL 600/604 FSX/P3Dv4

Royal Danish Air Force repaint for the JBAI Challenger 601/604 base models.

These are only textures. JBAI Challenger 601/604 base models is required. It can be found at avsim. Search for
Remember if you uses P3Dv4 to update the models using the converted model available at the AIG forum:


The C-080, C-168 and C-172 are already in the package, but remove the texture-files already installed and copy the paints included here into those folders.

For C-215 copy it into the CL-600 folder. Then open your aircraft.cfg and add the [fltsim.x] sections from the “fltsim.txt” in the CL-600 folder.
Remember to change the X into the consecutive number.

Regarding flightplans. The plans for the C-080, C-168 and C-172 are already in the Ultimate GA package. Only plan C-215 are inlcuded in this package.

SAS Bombardier CRJ-900 Raven FS Labs

SAS Bombardier CRJ-900 repaint for the Raven FS Labs Bombardier CRJ-900 model.

These are FSX/P3D textures only. Raven FS Labs Bombardier CRJ-900 model is required. It can be found at Search for:

Update 17 June 2018:
Nav lights on the wings were in the wrong position. At the same time the underwing registration was not on the right wing and was mirrored. This has now been fixed. Also. The Danish reg’ed CRJ-900 (OY-KFG) have left the fleet and is stored in Maastricht. It was the last Danish reg’ed CRJ-900 and therefore I have removed it from the zip-file.

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