What’s on the menu

This is what will be released sooner or later:

Atlantic Airways A319-100 CFM for the FAIB model:

For the just released Jettime flightplans:

For an upcoming NAAI Fokker 50 model:

From Joshua is the following coming.

SpiceJet B737-800 Winglets:

SpiceJet B737-900ER:

None of them won’t be released until after week 42. I’m off to the Faroe Islands for a week and I won’t bring my laptop with me.
Therefore no repainting for most of that week!

All of the above paints are WIP!

Air New Zealand A320-200 fleet coming soon!

I’ve made the following repaints, and they’ll be released soon. No exact date yet, ’cause I still need to add a few things. But here is a preview of them:

And from the well-known painter, Juergen Baumbusch I’ve been allowed to pack and upload the following paint, also included in the ANZ A320 fleet: