Money is not a reason…

It’s not often that I write a personal post here. Actually it’s more than 2 years since the last text-only post appeared on this site. But I think it’s about time to do one looking at a phenomena that have appeared in the last couple of weeks.

The reason is that over the last few weeks I’ve got several requests from users, asking if it’s possible to make custom repaints, repaints for virtual airlines etc. All of them will pay for it.

Every time I refuse. Of course money is a good thing. But it’s not about the money. But about time, interest and that this is a freeware page where money is not a part.

Working full time (actually a bit more every week) is really taking it’s toe on my motivation to repaint anything. I do what I want to do, and that’s it!
I’ll finish the paint when I think it’s ready. Often I have to let a repaint lay around on my computer for weeks or even months, simply because I don’t have the time to do the repaints 24/7/365.

Interest and freeware.
I want to paint repaints for AI planes. And they have to be freeware. I don’t want money to be a part of it. I want the repaints to be free (with limitations) and without any money involved. Of course it could be nice to get money for it, but that’s not my interest. I want to do what I want, when I want.

So all of you asking if it’s possible to get a repaint made for money… I’m not the one to ask. I do repaints because I like it, and find it as a good way top spend my very limited spare time. And I’ve found that the best way for me is to make repaints for the AI community. I’m not interested in making custom repaints and that don’t interest me at all. I’ve done a few fictitious repaints based on old airline liveries, but that’s about it. Beside those very few repaints I’m only making repaints for AI planes, where the livery will be one that is flying in the real world.

I know that a few years ago there were painters out there making custom repaints and asking for money to do it. But today most of them are gone and that might be the reason why people have started asking painters like me if it’s possible to make repaints for money. And the answer from me is “Sorry, but no!”.




SAS Scandinavian Airlines ATR 72-600 HD FSX

SAS Scandinavian Airlines ATR 72-600 HD FSX for the OSP ATR 72-500 base model.

Includes textures for both the ATR 72-600 opb Jettime and the ATR 72-600 opb FlyBe.

These are FSX textures only. The OSP ATR 72-500 base model is required.
It can be found at www.avsim.com. Search for osp_atr_72_500_base.zip.

FS9 textures will follow soonish.